A laundry basket filled with fluffy clean towels sitting on the floor in front of a washing machine. Two packs of Sheet Yeah! laundry detergent sheets are on top of the towels, showing an alternative eco-friendly option for doing laundry.

Are Detergent Sheets Better for the Environment than Traditional Detergent?

Laundry detergent sheets are fairly new to the market so we are here to compare these newcomers to the traditional laundry detergents, both powder, and liquid, that we are all used to using. Let's find out which one is better for the earth and us.

Traditional Laundry Liquids

First let's look at conventional laundry liquids, being a liquid it is required to be measured, this is usually done with the cap of the plastic bottle it comes in, before being poured into the washing machine.

If you read the side of each bottle, it will tell you, the plastic bottle is recyclable and you should place this bottle in your curbside bin for collection. What they don't tell you is that in most councils across Australia we don't currently have any facilities for recycling that specific type of high-density colored plastic, all those bottles are going straight to landfills.

Traditional Laundry Powder

Next up is conventional laundry powder, being a powder it also needs to be measured and this is done with the complimentary plastic measuring cup that is provided free inside each box.

At first glance, the box might seem like a more eco-friendly option as the box is cardboard, but what many people don't know is that detergent boxes have a thin plastic lining on the inside which makes these boxes unable to currently be recycled in Australia.

What about Pods?

When Pods hit the market they were a popular alternative, being pre-measured makes them quick and easy to use. Unfortunately, pods have not been good for the environment or our health. Pods contain many toxic ingredients that manufacturers are not required by law to disclose. Tide a popular brand in the USA has been found to contain over X of harmful hormone-disrupting chemicals including parabens, phosphate, and chlorine bleach.

Pods come in pretty bright colors but parents of small children must be careful as pods are a choking hazard for small children and again come in bright plastic bottles that are currently not being recycled. These plastics will sit in landfills for 450 years only to break down into microplastics.

Ocean plastic pollution around a school of fish

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Sheet Yeah! sheets have been developed to eliminate some of these recycling issues and provide a more environmentally friendly option taking into consideration both the packaging they come in and the chemicals used within the product itself.

Sheet Yeah! sheets are pre-measured, dissolvable, and lightweight. They take up very little space in your home. They come packed inside either a 100% recyclable cardboard box that can go in your councils curbside bin or they come in a 100% home compostable package that can be torn into small squares once you have finished with the package and added to your home compost bin or your general waste.

What are the Benefits of Sheet Yeah! Sheets

You will find that not only are they a great product but they have a whole list of eco benefits for anyone trying to make the change to an eco-friendly laundry process:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Plastic Free
  • Grey water and Septic Safe
  • Australian owned
  • Available in scented and fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Space saving & easy to use
  • Zero harsh chemicals
  • Plant-derived from coconut
  • Hypoallergenic & great for sensitive skin
  • Experience a powerful clean
  • Works in all machines, HE included

How to use Sheet Yeah! Laundry Sheets

Sheet Yeah! sheets are a quick and mess-free option for your laundry. They are made up of pre-measured, eco-friendly ingredients that are 100% biodegradable and simply dissolve in the wash. Equally effective in either hot or cold water and work in all washing machines, including Top Loader, Front Loader, and High Efficiency.

Simply place your clothes, towels, or bedding into the drum of your machine and simply add the detergent strip on top of your washing.

Placing a sheet yeah laundry sheet in to the washing machine drum

Each sheet is highly concentrated, you only require half a sheet to complete a regular load approx 6kg or if you are doing a small load, around the 3-4kg mark just rip the sheet in half again and use 1/4 of the sheet.

Our Laundry Sheets are full of Advantages

First, they are more compact and take up less room than standard laundry detergents. This can be especially helpful if you are limited in storage space, or like to travel.

Sheet Yeah! Laundry Sheets have been very popular with holidaymakers, the tiny home community, RV holidaymakers as well as college students, and backpackers due to the compact packaging making them small and lightweight.

Second, laundry sheets are easier to use. There is no need to measure out the detergent or worry about it spilling. For the elderly or those suffering from arthritis, the lightweight and easy-to-open pack is easier on the hands. And finally, laundry detergent sheets are much better for the planet as the packaging is zero waste.

You will love everything about our laundry sheets, from the fresh scent to our vegan clean formula made from coconut. One sheet provides a powerful clean, every wash leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

How to do the most eco-friendly laundry loads

Overuse of detergent can lead to excess wear on your washing machine and also your clothes. Laundry detergent sheets come in pre-measured doses, which can help reduce overuse saving you money, and your clothes.

They are also 94% lighter than the big plastic bottles or boxes of detergent so you are helping to save on your laundry carbon footprint.

Our eco laundry detergent sheets are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and sustainable. We use 100% natural ingredients like coconuts and only scent them with pure essential oils.

This natural formula is hypoallergenic, gentle on the skin and highly concentrated to give your clothes a quality clean. This is great news, but especially for those family members who have sensitive skin, making them safe for everyone including your pets.

Reviews: These are my favorite laundry detergent sheets Australia has to offer - Jenny R.

Review: I hated having to carry those large heavy jugs home from the shop, now I get these laundry sheets delivered straight to my door, it has been so helpful. - Dennise P.

Sheet Yeah laundry sheet packaging small and compact on bench

Review: I always seem to need to clean or wash something with so many little ones in our house, using these makes me feel better knowing I am not using toxic chemicals every time I wash. I do so many loads so having them delivered is also really helpful. - Sam H.

Shop Sustainably With Sheet Yeah!

Zero-Waste Packaging

100% compostable & recyclable, eliminating waste from your washing process.

Say No to Single-Use Plastics

Our zero-waste laundry sheets are delivered in compact plastic-free, cardboard packaging, and we only use reusable home compostable mailbags with no sticky tape and non-toxic ink meaning less space and no waste.

We care about the earth, its oceans and animals and we are glad you do too.

Reduces Transport Pollution

The ultra-lightweight product and packaging mean transport pollution is decreased by 94% compared to bulky laundry detergents.

Safer Ingredients

Our plant-derived laundry sheets do not contain any of the unnecessary ingredients that are commonly found in conventional detergents that can cause skin irritations making it safer for all family members and those with skin sensitivities, they even come in a fragrance-free option or our signature clean, fresh scent summer daze.


Take a load off and say goodbye to carrying those heavy laundry detergent jugs and fumbling with those hard-to-open plastic caps.

Sheet Yeah! sheets are easy to carry and use so you don’t have to worry about the sticky, gooey, and hard residue left over in your measuring cup from liquid detergents or pods.

Our laundry sheets dissolve easily and contain strong cleaning power while being safer for everyone.

Save Space

Enjoy a clutter-free and spacious laundry area. The 100% recyclable package is lightweight and compact and takes up much less space in your cupboard and recycling bin. You can now stock up on laundry with the extra space or have more area to fold your clothes!


Our packaging is plastic-free a much kinder alternative for the environment.


More doesn’t always mean cleaner. Never overuse or spill your laundry detergent again. Our sheets are pre-measured so you don’t have to guess how much you need. Only use what is necessary with no detergent wasted.

Simply throw in the number of sheets according to your laundry soil and size. They work in all water temperatures and are perfect for both high-efficiency (HE) and standard machines.


Our liquid-less travel-friendly sheets make it easy to pack for your next trip hassle-free. They are so lightweight and thin, that you can easily slip them into your backpack or carry-on.

Sheet Yeah! are the Eco-Friendly Laundry Sheets you need

Gentle on you, your pets, and the planet. So make the switch today and turn your laundry into the zero-waste, eco-friendly laundry your friends will envy.

By eliminating waste from landfills, reducing the use of toxic substances, and having a dramatically smaller eco-footprint we can all feel good about lightening our load on the planet starting right here in Australia.